Dawson Road Mural Project

Bboy TWO-D

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Graffiti Guard applied today…

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glossy 🙂

Finished Mural

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WALL 1: Acknowledging the location of Dawson Park, in the flight path of Auckland International Aiport and the classic limited edition ‘Otara’ Chuck Taylor Converse All Stars made in 2005.

WALL 2: Acknowledging the 2009 passing of Michael Jackson, the undisputed King of Pop, a model of creative and musical excellence with intergenerational, global and multicultural appeal, embedded in an arrangement of Pacific island flora.

WALL 3: Acknowledges the locality of the site on Dawson Road and the youthful local community. The figures are derived from a photographic project that took place at the ASB Polyfest called South Style documenting the style and conviction of south Auckland young people.

Day 2 // Sunday 8 November

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We were so fortunate with the weather – not a drop of rain all weekend long!

Lead artist, Samiu Napa’a

Packing in for a second day of painting.

Team MJ were keen to complete the iconic wall!

The Dawson Road Mural Project was informed by a series of interviews done in the park and at Tupu Youth Library in August by video artist, Janet Lilo. The 9 minute video screened on Tupu Library’s flat screen TVs on Sunday.

LUNCH TIME // Supplied by Manukau Parks, lunch was prepared by awesome local volunteers Ioka + Solo Suamasi with help from Lawrence and Tuakive, thank you thank you thank you // MUCH appreciated!

At about 4pm, Sunday 8 November, the mural was officially completed… volunteers, artists and supporters did an AWESOME job!

The two inside walls of the structure acknowledge all those involved with the video interviews and those involved with the design and painting – each person contributed to the finished outcome // THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Day 1 // Painting begins!

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VOLUNTEERS ARRIVE // Thanks to Richie at Tupu Library

Our AWESOME volunteers were: Kofe Aupeipeigamalie, Muavaefaatasi Brown, Simon Samuelu, Luma Aneti, Murphy Enekosi, Paul Lavea, Aaron Henry-Taripo, Ezra Ape, Joe Futi, Matagia Esera and Wylie Fong.

Resene paints was provided by Manukau Beautification Charitable Trust

LUNCH TIME // Supplied by Manukau Parks and Manukau Arts, lunch was beautifully prepared by local volunteers Mary and Dennis Gush // Thank you so much!!

Kaumatua Bill Wiki, pictured here with Leisa Siteine (Group Manager Arts, Manukau City Council) addressed the volunteers with a vote of thanks on behalf of the Otara community acknowledging their role in building lasting and meaningful ownership over this public space.

The girls – Sangeeta, Luisa and Mua!

MJ starting to take form…

Applying the outlines…

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The mural design was projected on to the wall between 9.30pm – 12am on Friday 6 November. The outlines were applied by artists Samiu Napa’a, Sangeeta Singh and Luisa Tora.

Our final design…

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The final design was developed in-house at Fresh Gallery Otara by Nicole Lim and Ema Tavola. It responds to the video interviews with the Park and Library users made in August 2009.

Youth culture, bold vibrant colours, Pacific and Maori patterns, strong local features and an homage to Michael Jackson were dominant themes.

About the designers:

Nicole Lim is a qualified graphic designer who completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts through Manukau School of Visual Arts in Otara. Since July 2008, Nicole has worked as the Gallery Assistant at Fresh Gallery Otara, a Manukau City Council arts facility in the Otara Town Centre.

Ema Tavola is a practising visual artist and curator. Having also completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts through Manukau School of Visual Arts in Otara, Ema has worked with community arts projects in and around Otara since 2004. She works as the Pacific Arts Coordinator for Manukau City Council and manages Fresh Gallery Otara.